Digital marketing agency continues to grow as more businesses use the internet to sell to relevant online users. But for any business to thrive, they must make themselves easy to find in quick Google search results (or Bing, Yahoo, etc.).

There are over 1 billion websites, and each must jockey for attention in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

In addition, digital marketing begins with a search engine; naturally, you want your brand to be part of that SEO marketing experience. So, SEO is essential whether you’ve just launched your new website or are a savvy business professional looking to experiment with search marketing.

Furthermore, it’s no surprise countless SEO agencies offer SEO services. SEO campaigns come with customised SEO solutions using organic marketing strategy to increase leads and sales in business.

However, before we talk about becoming an SEO professional, let’s see the meaning of SEO, SEO agency.

What Is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimisation, is optimizing your website to improve keyword rankings and increase organic traffic from search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Also, to rank a website on the first page of Google’s search results, you need to be acquitted with SEO tools and SEO strategy. This will result in changes on the website and the desire to land pages for Search engine optimisation for digital marketing and cloud platform keywords.

SEO is a fundamental part of marketing that improves your website’s online visibility for google searches relevant to the business. If the website isn’t showing in the SERPs for keyword rankings and phrases that you feel you should be, you’re either not doing something right or have more work to do.

A few reasons why a website isn’t ranking include the following:

·         Business competitors have better content

·         Keywords are improperly used on the website

·         You use poor link building practices

·         Webpage load times are slow

·         Website has a poor user experience

Understanding How Search Engines Optimisation Work

it is safe that web pages have search engine optimisation with an understanding of how search engines work. Search engines offer social media users a listing of web pages most relevant to the terms they are searching for. 

Although multiple factors search engines use to analyze and determine SEO rankings for a given website. Google doesn’t often show these, but plenty is widely known and used in digital marketing. An SEO professional should be aware of top SEO ranking factors. The top Search engine optimisation ranking factors :

·         Domain age, URL, and authority

·         Link building

·         Mobile-friendliness

·         Optimized content

·         Page speed (including mobile page speed)

·         Business details

·         A secure, visible, and accessible website

·         Social signals

·         Technical SEO

·         User experience

SEO experts help rank web pages based on search engine ranking factors and standards. The website that does this best will be ahead of others. Search engines generally follow 3 steps when ranking a web page:

1. Crawling

SEO agency uses search engine bots to traverse your web page and add its pages to their index for google to be fully automated. The search engine then stores those page addresses (i.e., URLs).

SEO agency use different effective SEO strategy to find pages, but the primary SEO strategy is following backlinks from pages that have already been found elsewhere (such as other websites).

2. Indexing

SEO agency helps to find your page using search engine rankings. After google ranking on your page, the SEO agency attempts to analyze each page on the website. Then, The professional SEO team looks at the content, images, and videos, which are stored in the search engine index, a vast database.

3. Serving Search Results

SEO agency performs a search on Google, and the search engine will determine the highest quality search results. These search results have many factors, including the user’s location, device, language, and previous queries. SEO agency helps with personalized results for social media users.

What are the Benefits of an SEO Agency and SEO expert?

The SEO agency has become quite popular in today’s digital marketing world. Countless businesses rely on it to maintain solid digital marketing, bring new visitors to their websites, and generate leads. 

SEO agency work with SEO specialists through the SEO process to have local SEO and backlinks impact SEO ranking.

SEO agency also does competitor analysis to push business websites to the first page of search engine results. Therefore, search engine optimisation services can only have successful SEO campaign with the collaboration of professional SEO services.

Furthermore, if business competitors are more successful, know that top SEO companies hire them. However, your business can be ahead of them on the first page of SEO ranking by hiring an award winning SEO agency to outrank them in no time possible.

Advantages of Becoming an SEO Expert

Search engine optimisation SEO is perhaps the most challenging and rewarding digital marketing discipline, content marketing, combining data, analytics, and technical SEO proficiency. Mastering and leveraging an SEO campaign will unlock the potential of your SEO efforts.

Increase in Demand for SEO Experts

SEO professionals are in high demand as business owners practice search engine optimization to keep up with competitors. SEO experts are hired to help digital marketing teams gain quality website traffic, help create successful SEO campaigns, and bring new business to the company. 

An SEO specialist is expected to be responsible for more than half the traffic to the average website using google ads and paid ads. They are considering that sites that secure the top five positions on the first page on the SERPs, earning a high rank, can greatly impact your business growth and profits.

Job Responsibilities of an SEO Expert


The optimisation will be the most prominent duty of an SEO expert. SEO consultant’s duties include

both on-page and off-page search engine optimization; the primary types are: 

On-Page Search Engine Optimisation

·                  Content creation and optimization

·                  Header tags, title tags, meta description tag

·                  Conversion optimization

·                  Keyword research and placement

·                  Images and ALT text

·                  User experience

·                  URL structure

Off Page SEO

·         Asset creation (infographics, videos, etc.)

·         Guest blogging

·         Increasing traffic from social media to your website 

·         Link building

·         Press releases

Others include;

1.      Mobile Optimization

2.      Keyword Research

3.      Analytics

4.      Link Building

5.      Keeping Up with the Industry

6.      Working with Other Marketing Teams

7.      Content marketing

8.      Paid search marketing

9.      PR

10.  Social media marketing

11.  Web development 

Steps to Become an SEO Expert

1.      Learn the basics of how search engines work

2.      Understand SEO strategies and concepts

3.      Participate in SEO training

4.      Keep up with industry trends and news

5.      Get familiar with SEO tools

6.      Experiment with SEO tactics on your website or blog

7.      Show employers your efforts and results


Becoming an SEO expert in an SEO agency requires much SEO effort and hard work. However, digital marketing agency need SEO consultants, so it will be good for you to become a certified SEO professional.